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Sheep and Goat Farming Project at a Glance

The major destinations for export of Indian Sheep and Goat meat are Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait

Sheep are hardy animals that are suited to a wide range of conditions. They can be kept in the open for much of the year. Most important sheep product is meat, particularly lamb. Wool is a by-product and now forms less than 5 per cent of the income from sheep

Although India is a world leader in the production of livestock, its market for meat and meat products is small compared with that of most developed nations - most of its livestock is reared for the production of milk, eggs and wool

According to FAO the world production of Sheep meat was 8.63 million tones and Goat meat was 4.94 million. India ranked seventh in sheep and second in goat meat production. India’s export of sheep/goat meat was 5481.55 mt with the valued of Rs. 63.04 crores (USD Million 13.98).

Goat meat has no religious inhibitions and is consumed by all the religions and races in the country. Goat milk is source of cheap protein for the poor people and has medicinal properties. Goats are also major sources of leather and leather products in the country

Amongst the States, Rajasthan has the maximum number of Sheep and Jammu and Kashmir has the highest number of cross bred sheep

India is the seventh largest producer of wool and contributes 1.8% to total world production. The production of indigenous raw wool was 45 Of the total production of raw wool, 5% is apparel grade, 85% carpet grade, and 10% coarse grade. The domestic produce is not adequate, therefore, the industry is dependent on imported raw material and wool is the only natural fibre in which the country is deficient.

Contents on Project Information CD ROM

Agro-Processing Industries in India—Growth, Status and Prospects
Food Processing industry - India
Sheep Farming
Sheep & Goats

Sheep Dairy
Frozen Sheep Milk
The production and processing of sheep's milk
Sheep Shearing
Production of sheep meat
Processing Factors
Lamb & Sheep dressing Chain
The sheep brisket cutting
Y - Cut
Blood Products
Short term preservation of hides & Skins
Storage Life of processed meat

Project Development
Project benefits
Model Project
Sample Feasibility report - Sheep Farm
Sheep Farming For Meat And Wool
Sample Feasibility report on Sheep Fattening Farm
Model Project on Commercial Goat Farming
Goat Farming Project
Sheep Farming Project
Project Profile - Goat
Code of Recommendations
Sheep Production Guide
Abortion in Sheep
Abattoir - Project Feasibility
Goat Farm – Feasibility

Equipment Suppliers
Milking Systems
Sheep Goat & Calf Processing Systems
Sheep boning equipments
Equipments Suppliers
Butchery Machinery

Inspection Regulations
Parts Identification

Meat & Wool Processors
Ohio Company
Wool and fibre industry in New Zealand

Setting Up Farm and Investment
Integrated Hill Sheep Production systems
Starting a Dairy Goat Business
The Norwegian sheep farming production system
Sheep Farm Monitor Project
Sheep Farm Monitor Project - wool
Consultancy Services
Australian Consultants

Government Function
Decanni sheep
Improving Sheep Production
Economic Analysis
Angora Breed of Goat
Sheep & Goat Milks - quality
Breeding Beetal Goats
Indian Goat Breeds
Goat Cheese

Meat and Meat Products Sector Profile - India
Organised sheep marketing
Wool & Textile Industry
Export of Meat From India
Sheep meat Market Trends
Australia’s sheep meat industry
Sheep & Wool Production
Sheep & Goat Directory
Traders of Meat & Meat products
Meat Importers
International Goat Association
Goat Production & Marketing

Research Institute
Raika sheep - India
Sheep Industry - USA
Sheep Judging
Sheep Breeds
About Sheep
Organic sheep production
The Ergonomics of Sheep Shearing
Sheep Handling Facility

Sheep and Goat Farming Project Information CD ROM cover all the aspects of Project, from basics, Projects, Investment, Market, Process, Raw Materials,  Reports, Importers, Exporters, Manufacturer address, Equipment, project reports, market reports on various industries and profit making business, raw materials, financial requirements. The scope of the Project Information Research Report   includes assessing market potential, negotiating with collaborators, investment decision making, corporate diversification planning etc. in a very planned manner by formulating detailed manufacturing techniques and forecasting financial aspects by estimating the cost of raw material.Besides being used by manufacturers, industrialists and entrepreneurs, our publications are also used by professionals including project engineers, information services bureau, consultants and consultancy firms as one of the input in their research.

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